Platform Terms of Use

Terms of Use



LAST UPDATE: 18.10.2023

These Terms of Use ("Agreement") govern the terms and conditions between users ("User" or "you") who visit, access and/or become a member of the electronic platform, including any associated website or mobile application (collectively "Platform"), provided by EGE MONEY YATIRIM YAZILIM A.Ş. ("EgeMoney", “us”, or “we”) having its registered address at Yalı Mah. 6523 Sok. No: 32 / B / 601 İzmir/Türkiye.

EgeMoney and the User are individually referred to as "Party" and collectively as "Parties" in this Agreement.

    1. By clicking "Accept User Agreement", accessing the Platform, or utilizing any Services provided therein, you hereby consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you disagree with any part of this Agreement, we recommend you promptly uninstall the mobile application and refrain from any further use of the Platform.
    2. This Agreement serves as a binding contract between EgeMoney and the User and shall remain in force until terminated by either party in accordance with the provisions set forth herein.
    3. To use the Platform, you must be at least 18 years of age. EgeMoney disclaims any liability arising from age misrepresentation by the User. You are responsible for ensuring your use of the Platform is compliant with the legal regulations of your respective jurisdiction. By accessing the Platform, you represent and warrant that all information provided by you is accurate and truthful.
    4. By accessing the Platform, you commit to adhering to all relevant local, state, national, and international regulations and confirm that you will use the Platform in a lawful manner.
    5. EgeMoney reserves the right to update or modify the Platform or this Agreement at its discretion. Changes to this Agreement will become effective as marked by the "LAST UPDATE" date at the beginning of this document. You acknowledge that we might change the Platform's features over time, possibly without giving prior notice, which might involve introducing new functionalities or discontinuing existing ones.
    1. EgeMoney: Ege Money Investment Yazılım A.Ş., a company duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Turkey, with its registered address at Yalı Mah. 6523 Sok. No: 32 / B / 601 İzmir/Türkiye.
    2. User: Any natural or legal entity registered on the Platform.
    3. Digital Asset: A value generated, stored and transferred electronically via distributed ledger technology or comparable methods.
    4. Digital Asset Wallet: A software or hardware mechanism designed to securely manage digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. This tool facilitates user access and command over their digital assets by retaining the cryptographic keys essential for executing transactions.
    5. Blockchain: A decentralized, unalterable electronic ledger that chronologically catalogues transactions across a distributed computer network.
    6. Privacy Policy: A document that is accessible via the platform and prepared to inform data subjects regarding the collection, processing, and transfer of their personal data obtained by EgeMoney in its capacity as the data controller via the Platform in accordance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK") and the relevant legislation and their rights under the KVKK.
    7. Account Information Page: The user-specific interface on the Platform where Users can perform the necessary transactions in order to benefit from various applications and Services on the Platform and provide required personal data and information. Access to this page is exclusively through the User's registered phone number and/or email and associated password.
    8. Services: Applications offered by EgeMoney that enable Users to complete the tasks and transactions defined in this Agreement.
    9. Visitor: Any individual accessing without holding a registered User status.
    1. The User becomes a member of the Platform upon accepting this Agreement and successfully creating an Account.
    2. By accepting this Agreement, you hereby confirm, declare, and undertake that you are duly authorized and competent to open an Account in accordance with this Agreement. You further affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the necessary legal rights and capacity to act in accordance with Turkish law.
    3. Upon accepting this Agreement, the User acknowledges, declares, and commits to comprehending the responsibilities and risks within this Agreement and not to engage in the following activities:
  1. Provide false or misleading information to EgeMoney.
  2. Use or attempt to use another user's Account without the consent of that user and EgeMoney.
  3. Post, upload, disclose, distribute, or otherwise make available on the Platform any illegal, stolen, counterfeit, false, misleading, defamatory, harassing, abusive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable content.
  4. Engage in any activity on the Platform that is hateful, violent, or that violates or encourages the violation of applicable laws or the rights of any third party.
  5. Use the Platform for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes.
  6. Create accounts that appear to belong to someone else.
  7. Create accounts with misleading or fake names.
  8. Use the Platform in a way that hinders the operation and services of the Platform or disables the Platform.
  9. Use the Platform in any way that may cause the Platform to overload or malfunction.
  10. Develop, use, or disseminate any software that may damage or render unusable the Platform, its products, or services.
  11. Reverse engineer, attempt to access or discover the source code of the Platform, use "screen scraping" software or systems such as automated programs, robots, web crawlers, spiders, data mining, and data crawling on the Platform, and illegally copy, publish, or use all or part of any content on the Platform in this way.
  12. Interfere with or attempt to access any area or feature on the Platform that you are not authorized to access.
  13. Use the data collected by the Platform to communicate with any natural or legal person and to carry out marketing activities.
  14. Use, encourage, or promote the use of the Platform, blockchain, or wallets for any illegal or unauthorized purpose or activity.
  15. Engage in manipulative transactions or make misleading offers.
  16. Use the Platform to offer, market, trade, transact, or promise to transact in products and services subject to capital markets or banking legislation.
  17. Engage in any transaction, action, or activity that violates this Agreement.


    1. If any breach of Article 3.3. causes damage to a third party, the User accepts, declares, and undertakes to assume all legal liabilities exclusively on their behalf. EgeMoney shall not be liable for any disputes that may arise before legal authorities or between third parties and the User due to these transactions, except when a court decision establishes that the fault directly belongs to EgeMoney. The User irrevocably agrees and undertakes to indemnify EgeMoney for any and all damages and losses incurred as a result of the breach of the aforementioned provisions. Furthermore, EgeMoney reserves the right to demand compensation from the User for any damages that may be incurred.
    2. Users wishing to transact on the Platform are required to provide EgeMoney with certain information, including a valid ID, address details, and a valid telephone number as part of the Know Your Customer ("KYC") procedures, as outlined in this Agreement available on the Platform. The membership application will be reviewed and approved by EgeMoney following a successful KYC process. EgeMoney may, at any time, request additional information and documents to create your account or enable you to utilize some of the features of the Platform. EgeMoney reserves the right not to create your account or terminate your access to it if the information provided cannot be verified or for any reason at its sole discretion.
    3. The User declares, accepts, and undertakes that all information provided by the User to EgeMoney as part of the KYC process, including, but not limited to, government-issued identity documents or any accepted alternative documents and residence information confirmed through address verification systems, is true and accurate. In the event of any inconsistency or inaccuracy in the information provided, EgeMoney shall have the unilateral right to prevent Users from conducting transactions on the Platform or freeze/terminate their accounts. The User understands that he/she will be responsible for all damages that may arise due to inaccurate personal information. EgeMoney shall not be held liable for any damages arising from failing to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date personal information.
    4. Each User may maintain only one account. EgeMoney reserves the unilateral right to terminate the Agreement, as well as to cancel, suspend, or terminate the account without prior notice in cases where false and/or inaccurate information is provided. EgeMoney also retains the right to deny opening a new account for such a user. The User shall bear all legal and criminal liability arising from the situations outlined in this article.
    5. The real person who creates an account on behalf of the legal entity user accepts and undertakes that he/she is the representative and binding authority of the legal entity and that all information and documents declared and submitted for membership are correct. The real person and/or the legal entity user shall be liable for all damages arising from the real person's incorrect provision of such information, and EgeMoney shall have the right to demand compensation for damages from any of these parties.  The legal entity user agrees that the natural person, who is the representative and binding authority, is personally responsible for the transactions made through EgeMoney and will not claim any irresponsibility for these transactions.
    6. Users must inform EgeMoney immediately if they realize that any information provided is incomplete or misleading. Furthermore, Users are obliged to notify EgeMoney of any changes or updates to the information they have previously provided, together with certifying documents, within a maximum period of 5 (five) days from the date of such changes. EgeMoney shall not be liable for any consequences arising from the User's failure to notify EgeMoney of such changes in a timely manner. In the event that the User fails to promptly notify EgeMoney of any changes to his/her information, EgeMoney reserves the right to take appropriate measures, which may include suspension of transactions, discontinuation of the provision of the Services, temporary or permanent closure of the User's account or the application of other necessary measures deemed appropriate by EgeMoney.
    7. The User acknowledges that they are solely responsible for all material and moral responsibilities and damages that may arise from various situations, including but not limited to identity forgery or falsification, using a signature other than their own, employing a forged signature, manipulating someone else's signature with a falsified identity, engaging in fraudulent activities, providing false information, or residing at an unconfirmed address.
    8. Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts by complying with the following security measures recommended by EgeMoney:
  1. Use a strong, complex password containing a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to resist unauthorized access.
  2. Do not share user names and passwords with any third party.
  3. Avoid using the EgeMoney account password on other platforms or services.
  4. Verify the contact details declared by users after registering on the Platform.
  5. Ensure the security of the mobile device where the one-time password is activated and where confirmation codes are received, including activating the encrypted screen saver and keeping the password confidential.


    1. EgeMoney is committed to implementing technical and administrative measures to preserve the security of User information, consistent with this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and established data protection laws. EgeMoney has implemented industry-standard security measures for the Platform, with a primary emphasis on safeguarding the security of user funds. Nevertheless, account-level risks can arise from individual user actions. Users must ensure the accuracy and uphold the confidentiality of their provided registration details, diligently secure their account credentials—such as login, password, and username—and are prohibited from disclosing them to third parties. EgeMoney cannot be held liable for any subsequent consequences of unauthorized access or transactions that occur without EgeMoney's direct involvement or any negligence. The User hereby agrees and declares, in advance, to irrevocably waive any claims or rights in this regard.
    2. Users must ensure the confidentiality of their account login credentials. Any transactions executed using the User's account details and password are considered actions of the User, whether undertaken by them or another party, with or without consent. All resulting outcomes of such transactions are the responsibility of the User. If EgeMoney receives notification from the User about potential unauthorized access or misuse of their credentials by third parties, EgeMoney shall promptly take necessary steps to restrict any subsequent activities through those credentials.
    3. Users and EgeMoney concur that any transaction initiated by the User through their designated account number, along with their changeable password and associated credentials, will proceed without the necessity of a signature, as stipulated by the system, and instructions provided in this manner shall be considered equivalent to written directives, as they are executed solely with the password known to the User.
    4. In the event that the User forgets their password or suspects that it has been compromised, they must promptly notify EgeMoney and request both the deactivation of the current password and the issuance of a new one. This notification can be made either verbally, via a registered phone call, or in writing. Upon receiving such a request, EgeMoney will promptly deactivate the existing password and issue a new one to the User. The User acknowledges and declares that any actions taken between the time of suspicion and the cancellation of the old password are solely their responsibility. The User further understands and accepts that password cancellation requests can only be processed during EgeMoney's official working hours, and therefore, EgeMoney shall not be held responsible for any password cancellations requested outside of these hours.
    5. The User irrevocably acknowledges and undertakes full liability to EgeMoney for any misuse of the Platform in which they engage in transactions using the password provided by themselves or any third parties associated with them, regardless of the reason. The User further renounces all objections and defences in this regard, committing to compensate EgeMoney for any losses and damages incurred by EgeMoney due to such misuse. Additionally, EgeMoney retains the right to seek damages from the User for any losses it may suffer.
    6. EgeMoney holds the unilateral right to limit the User's access to their account by deactivating the User's password under security concerns or in suspicious circumstances. In such instances, the User shall be promptly notified through the most suitable means of communication available. The actions taken by EgeMoney in this regard shall not be construed as acts contrary to good faith. The User acknowledges that this temporary account access suspension may occur in the interest of account security. Moreover, should such access limitations arise, the User irrevocably accepts and declares their understanding of the potential consequences, including any damages that may arise from the inability to conduct orders concerning their account.
    7. EgeMoney exclusively provides support services through the official e-mail address: [email protected]. EgeMoney will never request your password in any support correspondence. Additionally, we do not provide cryptocurrency wallet addresses for users to send cryptocurrencies during support interactions. EgeMoney hereby notifies all users that it cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred or that may be incurred as a result of communications received from any address other than the official e-mail address mentioned above or other official support address that may be announced in the future on EgeMoney's official Platform.
    8. This Agreement, the transactions outlined herein, and all associated obligations (inclusive of but not limited to the amount, parties, guarantors, sureties, trustees, legal representatives, successors, and assigns) are considered legally valid, enforceable, and binding upon the User, and do not conflict with any regulations, instructions, payments, or agreements to which the User or any of its assets are subject. The User explicitly declares and commits that the funds deposited by the User do not have origins tied to illicit activities such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, or any other criminal or illegal pursuits.
    9. The User explicitly acknowledges that they bear full legal and criminal responsibility for any transaction or action executed through the services provided on the Platform. EgeMoney assumes no legal or administrative responsibility in this regard.
    10. The User is expressly prohibited from transferring, selling, donating, or otherwise making their account and associated rights available to third parties under any circumstances. In the event that EgeMoney identifies actions by the User contravening this article, EgeMoney reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or terminate the User's account without prior notice. In exercising these rights, the User irrevocably agrees to release EgeMoney from any claims or liabilities.
    11. The User is obligated to diligently adhere to the security, KYC procedures, transactions, charges, fees, withdrawal mechanisms, and procedures established by the Platform and its services. Furthermore, the User must follow the appropriate steps to log out of the Platform at the conclusion of each visit. EgeMoney shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, including any loss, damage, or harm incurred by the User due to non-compliance with the provisions regarding account security.
    12. Pursuant to Article 4(1) of Law No. 5549 on the Prevention of Laundering the Proceeds of Crime, if there exists any information, suspicion, or belief that assets involved in transactions conducted by or through the obligated parties have been acquired unlawfully or are being used for illegal purposes, these transactions must be reported to MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) by the obligated parties. Consequently, EgeMoney shall promptly notify MASAK within ten business days from the date of suspicion regarding a transaction or immediately in cases where any delay is deemed inconvenient. However, EgeMoney may not have the means to definitively trace the use, destination, or purpose of Digital Assets received through the Platform or whether they have been employed in unlawful activities. In such circumstances, EgeMoney cannot be held accountable for any positive or negative consequences that may arise due to potential damages and losses resulting from the misuse of Digital Assets in any manner.
    13. The User agrees in advance not to use the Platform for any purposes that contravene the existing legislation and general legal norms in force within the Republic of Turkey, including but not limited to laws and regulations concerning the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism on both national and international levels. Furthermore, the User shall not permit others to use the Platform for unlawful purposes. The User acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for any potential legal or criminal consequences resulting from their use of the Platform for unlawful purposes or facilitating such usage b third parties. In such instances, EgeMoney reserves the right to pursue all necessary legal actions and security measures. In these cases, EgeMoney cannot be held responsible for any audits or inspections made by the competent authorities on the User's account and Digital Assets.
    14. The User is required to use a bank account registered in the same name as their username and comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey when conducting money transfer transactions. The User shall solely be responsible for any delays or non-execution of transfers resulting from the User making transfers under different names. The User is also responsible for any delays or non-execution of transfers that may arise from utilizing ATMs or other deposit methods. Detailed procedures concerning these matters are available in the "Help Center" section. Violation of these provisions by the User or any individual directly or indirectly associated with the User shall constitute justifiable grounds for unilateral contract termination, with all legal and criminal liabilities resting upon the User. EgeMoney reserves the right to refuse future account openings for such individuals.
    15. EgeMoney retains the right to request confirmation and verify the User's identity whenever deemed necessary before proceeding with a transaction. EgeMoney shall not assume any liability towards the User for any damages that may result from the User's inability to execute an order or transaction due to their failure to obtain the required confirmation or verification, nor for any delays incurred during the confirmation or verification process.
    16. EgeMoney retains the right to modify the internet infrastructure, website, Platform, content, and format of transactions and applications offered to the User at any time. The User acknowledges and accepts all such changes in advance.
    17. EgeMoney retains the right to suspend the User's account for order transmission and block the User's password, even during the course of ongoing transactions, under the following circumstances: when there have been no transactions in the User's account for an extended period when the User is found to be in breach of their commitments outlined in this Agreement or other framework agreements, when the User violates relevant legislation and the provisions of this Agreement in orders submitted through remote access channels, or when the User cannot be contacted using the registered contact information. The User, in advance, acknowledges and declares their awareness of this right held by EgeMoney. They further agree not to hold EgeMoney responsible for any potential damages they may incur due to these circumstances.
    18. The User acknowledges and declares their commitment to regularly monitor the announcement section within the password-protected area on the Platform, as well as all notifications, information, fees, modifications, promotions, and tariffs available on pages accessible without a password. The User expressly understands that EgeMoney bears no responsibility for any damages they may incur as a result of not being aware of such information.
    19. The User accepts and declares that they possess adequate knowledge to operate remote access channels effectively. The User further acknowledges that EgeMoney shall not be held responsible for any technologically induced damages or losses stemming from incorrect usage, improper operation due to incorrect use, or incomplete information provided by the User.
    20. The User accepts, declares, and undertakes that EgeMoney shall not bear responsibility for any inability to execute electronically issued instructions and orders caused by technical and analogous failures that might arise within telecommunication networks, satellite connections, the internet, or remote access channels, including system errors, telephone disruptions, modem line issues, computer or computer hardware malfunctions, and EgeMoney is not obligated to investigate such matters.
    21. The User is obligated to exclusively utilize their own right to conduct transactions through the Platform exclusively by themself. The User may not obtain direct or indirect material benefits such as commissions, fees, etc., by having third parties make transactions through the Platform. In the event of such transactions, EgeMoney shall not bear responsibility for any disputes that may arise either before legal authorities or between third parties and the User, except for the defects attributable to EgeMoney.
    22. The User assumes full responsibility for all tax obligations arising from their utilization of the Platform, and EgeMoney has no obligation to issue invoices for the transfers executed by the User.
    23. EgeMoney cannot be held liable in any manner for technical failures that may occur on its Platform. EgeMoney shall not be accountable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from short-term or long-term technical disruptions. In situations where transactions are conducted due to technical errors and/or at unrealistic prices, EgeMoney retains the right to cancel or reverse such transactions to rectify the Platform and systems and ensure their proper functioning. EgeMoney shall bear no responsibility for such transactions, and Users cannot make any claims under any circumstances. Upon cancellation and/or reversal, EgeMoney may temporarily freeze the relevant User accounts and request a refund if any unjustified payment has been made. In instances where the relevant unjustified payment is not reimbursed, EgeMoney holds the right to pursue all available legal remedies and actions.
    24. EgeMoney holds the right to temporarily or permanently close the accounts of users who employ expressions contrary to the general principles of morality and honesty in their correspondence with the EgeMoney support line.
    25. In the event that EgeMoney mistakenly transfers Digital Assets to the User, upon becoming aware of this, EgeMoney shall immediately notify the User through any available means such as email, phone call, SMS, etc. The User is obliged to return the Digital Assets sent to him/her in error within 24 hours after receiving the notification. Should the User fail to return the cryptocurrencies within one business day after receiving the notification, EgeMoney may take further actions, without any additional, including closing the User's account, suspending or indefinitely restricting the User's access, adjusting the User's account to a negative balance equal to the amount of the erroneous transfer, taking any other measures it deems necessary and taking legal action against the User. The User hereby agrees and undertakes in advance to irrevocably release EgeMoney from any and all liability in this respect. Furthermore, the User shall indemnify EgeMoney against any direct or indirect loss, cost or damage suffered by EgeMoney due to this transaction.
    26. The User undertakes not to utilize the EgeMoney brand, trademark, name, and/or logo for the purpose of making comments and posts that defame EgeMoney, damage its commercial reputation, or cause unfair competition. This commitment extends to all forms of written and visual media, as well as all social media platforms. In the event of a violation of this clause, EgeMoney reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, block, suspend, or permanently delete the User's account without prior notice, and pursue indemnification claims against the User for breaches of this provision. The User hereby agrees, declares, and undertakes to irrevocably waive all rights of objection and claim in advance regarding this article.
    27. EgeMoney reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to accept orders or transfers from Users without need for any reasonable grounds. However, in such a case, if EgeMoney has no reasonable ground to do so, it shall immediately refund all amounts deposited by Users.
    28. The User shall bear any responsibility concerning the Digital Assets involved in the sale order and the cash transfers for the purchase order. EgeMoney shall not be considered a party to the fulfillment of mutual obligations related to the respective transaction in the event that any party involved in the transaction fails to meet their obligations, experiences delays, or defaults for any reason, and disclaims any responsibility in this regard.
    29. EgeMoney is committed to promptly processing the transfer transactions initiated by the User. However, EgeMoney shall not bear responsibility for any damages incurred if deposit and/or withdrawal transactions cannot be completed at all due to "force majeure" situations as stipulated by the laws or if they are delayed due to force majeure or due to high workloads.
    30. EgeMoney bears no responsibility for fluctuations in the prices of Digital Assets, which are determined in accordance with the supply and demand dynamics. All damages and losses arising from such fluctuations shall be the sole responsibility of the User. Furthermore, EgeMoney shall not be accountable for any damages resulting from the failure or delayed fulfillment of business orders, remittance, or transfer requests by Platform users, as outlined in the relevant provisions of this Agreement.
    31. EgeMoney retains the unilateral right to establish daily, weekly, and monthly deposit and withdrawal limits in Turkish Lira and Digital Assets for Users. EgeMoney may determine these limits on a case-by-case basis and has the authority to independently decrease or increase these limits at any time, without prior notice, based on the User's risk assessment. The User cannot hold EgeMoney liable under any circumstances for the exercise of these powers. The User hereby agrees and declares, in advance, to irrevocably waive any claims or rights in this regard.
    32. EgeMoney is entitled to temporarily block and secure the User's assets and funds held in the User's EgeMoney account, starting from the date when a debt or damage arises, as a form of collateral for any receivables stemming from this Agreement and for any actual or potential damages. This security measure will remain in place until the debt is settled or the damages are covered in cash.
    33. EgeMoney reserves the right to take any measures it deems necessary to provide a better experience for all Users.
    34. The User declares, accepts, and undertakes that they are not included in any trade embargo, economic sanctions list, or any list specifically designated by any institution for this purpose or any list of rejected persons.
    35. The User is solely responsible for all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with any breach of this Agreement and the relevant legislation.
  1. FEES
    1. EgeMoney will publish the fees associated with its Services in the 'Help' section of the Website, accessible at These fees shall become effective as soon as they are published in the help section.
    2. EgeMoney reserves the right to impose a commission (service fee) on its Users, at rates determined by EgeMoney, for each purchase and sale order. EgeMoney holds the right to modify these fees and rates at any time without prior notice. However, any such changes will be announced on the Platform.
    3. EgeMoney may charge Users a transaction fee, as determined by EgeMoney, for each Turkish Lira withdrawal.
    4. The User acknowledges that Digital Asset transfers conducted through the Platform are non-refundable. Consequently, the commission and transaction fees set by EgeMoney are also non-refundable, and Users do not possess the right to request a refund for these fees.
    5. By accepting this Agreement, you are considered to have consented to the transaction and commission fees as outlined and announced on the Platform. If you do not agree to the fee, no charges will be collected from you; however, you understand and agree that in such cases, you will not be able to avail yourself of the relevant Service or the respected part of the Platform.
    6. As explained in the Risks and Warnings clause of this Agreement, EgeMoney cannot be held liable for any damages or losses that Users may incur in relation to transaction and commission fees, including but not limited to fluctuations in Digital Asset values. Users are advised to thoroughly review the fee structure and make informed decisions regarding their transactions. EgeMoney's fee structure may be subject to external factors beyond its control, such as market conditions. Users are advised to exercise due diligence and seek professional advice when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions through the Platform.
    1. EgeMoney owns the exclusive ownership of all Services offered on the Platform and all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, content, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs, and all other intellectual and industrial rights related thereto, excluding content and applications provided by third parties. This includes all software, designs, and copyrights associated with the services offered, which are exclusively owned by EgeMoney. All kinds of content and all kinds of information and other materials on the Platform may only be used on the condition that the necessary permissions are obtained and under the permitted terms and conditions and may not be given, made available, reproduced, uploaded to another computer, posted, presented or published to third parties or organizations without prior permission. The User accepts, declares, and undertakes to comply with and not violate the provisions of "Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works" ("FSEK"), "Decree Law No. 556 on the Protection of Trademarks", "Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102", "Decree Law No. 551 on the Protection of Patent Rights", "Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237" and other applicable legislation. EgeMoney reserves the right to claim compensation from the User for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that EgeMoney is/will be obliged to pay to public institutions and/or third parties in this regard.
    2. The User is strictly prohibited from engaging in data mining, utilizing robots, scraping, or employing similar data collection or extraction methods while using the Platform. In cases where EgeMoney restricts the User's access to the Platform, the User acknowledges and agrees not to employ alternative methods to circumvent such restrictions. Any utilization of the Platform or Platform content in a manner other than the specific permissions granted herein is strictly forbidden. The User acknowledges that the technology and software that underlie the Platform or are distributed in connection with it ("Software") exclusively belong to EgeMoney. The User agrees not to undertake any of the following actions with regard to the Software: (i) copy, modify, or create derivative works; (ii) reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or attempt to discover any source code; or (iii) create derivative works or sell, assign, transfer, sublicense, or otherwise convey any rights in the Software. All rights that are not expressly granted in this Agreement remain reserved by EgeMoney.
    3. Certain company names, product names, and service names, along with their respective logos, displayed on the Platform, may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. These owners may or may not endorse EgeMoney, and they may be affiliated or connected with EgeMoney. Nothing within this Agreement or on the Platform should be interpreted as implicitly or explicitly granting any license or right to use any trademarks owned by EgeMone without the prior written consent of EgeMoney.  The User agrees, declares, and undertakes not to employ any elements of EgeMoney, which may include but are not limited to its trade name, brand, design concept, logo, or domain name, in a manner that could potentially create misleading impressions among third parties, cause market confusion, or establish grounds for unfair competition.
    1. The Platform may include content, services, or links to such content and services and data collected from publicly available sources that are created, owned, or operated by third parties ("Third-Party Content"). EgeMoney does not exercise control, supervision, or approval over Third Party Content, and EgeMoney assumes no responsibility for Third-Party Content in any manner. Your use of Third-Party Content is undertaken at your own risk. We advise you to review the terms and conditions provided by those third parties concerning the usage of Third-Party Content.
    2. All ownership, title, and intellectual property rights to the Third-Party Content shall remain with the respective Third-Party Content provider. Nothing on the Platform should be interpreted as granting any user a license to the ownership, title, and/or intellectual property rights of EgeMoney or any third party unless explicitly stated otherwise herein.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that when utilizing any Third-Party Content, you are not transferring your Digital Assets to us at any point. EgeMoney assumes no responsibility for the availability or legality of the content, products, services, or Digital Assets contained within or accessible through Third-Party Content. EgeMoney provides no warranties or representations, whether explicit or implied, regarding the use of any Third-Party Content, the information contained therein, the suitability of its products or services, or the Digital Assets it offers. You are solely responsible for any fees or expenses associated with accessing Third-Party Content.
    4. EgeMoney bears no responsibility for the services offered by Third Parties that you access through the Platform. EgeMoney shall have no liability for any harm caused by any Third-Party Content. Therefore, you understand and agree that you should exercise caution when connecting your wallet or Account with any Third-Party Content or granting access to your account to any third party, solely at your own risk.
    1. EgeMoney is committed to protecting your personal data in compliance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK") and other applicable legislation within the Republic of Turkey. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the purposes for which we process your personal data, the legal bases for such processing, and your rights as a data subject, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. You may contact us through the Platform to obtain further information about your personal data and to exercise your rights as a data subject.
    2. EgeMoney is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of your information and has implemented the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure its protection. Nevertheless, EgeMoney may disclose the pertinent information and documents to official authorities, authorized public institutions and organizations, as well as legally authorized individuals upon their request. Such disclosures do not constitute a breach of confidentiality, and EgeMoney shall not be held liable for any damages arising from or connected to such disclosures. 
    1. The content available on the Platform is comprised of data collected from third-party sources and/or publicly accessible databases. All data, analyses, reports, and statistics presented on the Platform are generated through automated software processes, devoid of any regulatory or directional influence. Any news articles and reports disseminated by EgeMoney are intended for informational and advisory purposes exclusively. They should not be construed as definitive solutions, conclusions, legal opinions, or comprehensive political or sociological research. Moreover, the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed, and inconsistencies or contradictions may arise and EgeMoney bears no responsibility in such instances.
    2. No material or information accessible through the Platform should be construed as a recommendation, endorsement, offer, invitation, or solicitation for any Digital Asset transactions or other products. The Platform is not designed to offer tax, legal, insurance, or investment advice, and nothing contained within the Platform should be interpreted as an offer to sell, an offer to buy, investment advice, or a recommendation by EgeMoney regarding any Digital Assets. You are solely responsible for assessing the suitability of any investment, strategy, product, or service in light of your investment objectives and your individual financial situation. It is important to acknowledge that investing in any Digital Asset entails various risks, and the clauses outlined herein may not provide an exhaustive list or description of these risk factors. Please bear in mind that financial markets are subject to constant fluctuations. Therefore, information, content, third-party content, or other materials provided on or through the Platform may not always be current or comprehensive and may be replaced by more up-to-date information. You use such information at your own discretion and assume the associated risks.
    3. EgeMoney operates as the Platform provider and does not partake in transactions involving Digital Assets on the Platform. Users conduct the purchase and sale of listed Digital Assets among themselves via the Platform. The values of Digital Assets are determined by the principles of supply and demand, and EgeMoney bears no responsibility for fluctuations in these values. Any damages and losses arising from changes in the value of Digital Assets are the sole responsibility of the User.
    4. The listing of Digital Assets on the Platform does not constitute an endorsement by EgeMoney of the technology associated with those Digital Assets. We make no guarantees regarding the reliability of Digital Assets.
    5. You should understand that the prices of Digital Assets can be highly volatile and may present financial risks. Legal regulations, market manipulation, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to fluctuations in the value of Digital Assets. Prior to making any purchase decisions, we recommend that you consult with your investment advisor and assess risk levels in the context of your financial circumstances.
    6. EgeMoney reserves the right to terminate the Services offered on the Platform in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, valid court orders, or other commercial considerations.
    7. While EgeMoney takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accessibility, availability, and smooth operation of the Platform, it is provided "as is" and "as available." EgeMoney does not guarantee 24/7 accessibility, availability, uninterrupted operation, or error-free performance of the Platform. EgeMoney does not warrant that the Platform will always be accessible, operate without delays or issues, meet your specific requirements, provide accurate information, or correct errors
    8. The protocols governing the operation and functionality of Digital Assets are beyond the control of EgeMoney and are developed and modified by third parties. EgeMoney cannot guarantee that these protocols will always remain operational or that there will be no changes or forks in the protocols.
    9. EgeMoney is authorized to cancel transactions conducted on the Platform in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, valid court orders, or other commercial considerations. EgeMoney reserves the right to refuse or cancel User transactions without providing a justification.
    10. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for safeguarding your account and password. EgeMoney shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or claims resulting from the loss or forgetfulness of your password.
    11. You are solely responsible for securely storing and safeguarding your private key and recovery phrase for the Platform. Periodic service interruptions may result in you being logged out of your Account, requiring you to re-enter your recovery phase to regain access. EgeMoney does not maintain a backup of your private key or recovery phrase and cannot assist in recovering it. Losing your recovery phase will result in permanent loss of access to all assets held in your wallet. It is your responsibility to ensure that you securely back up your wallet's private access key through secondary means.
    12. EgeMoney has no control over the security or legality of transactions, the accuracy of transaction information, or the ability of parties to fulfill their obligations in accordance with transaction rules.
    13. The User is solely responsible for all Digital Asset transactions, requests, orders, and transfers from the Account to an external address or from an external address to the Platform. Any losses or damages incurred due to incorrect entry of required transaction information, incorrect address entry, or incorrect network selection are the User's sole responsibility. The User acknowledges having adequate knowledge and experience to conduct Digital Asset transactions and is aware of the irreversible nature of Digital Asset transactions. In cases where recovery of incorrectly sent Digital Assets is possible, EgeMoney may impose a recovery fee for such retrieval.
    14. There is no guarantee fund or compensation system applicable to Digital Asset transactions. Users are solely responsible for their obligations concerning the Digital Asset subject to sale transactions and the funds required for purchase transactions. EgeMoney cannot be held liable in case either party to a transaction fails to fulfill their obligations, experiences delays, or defaults for any reason.
    15. Users may encounter waiting periods for various purposes on the Platform, including verifying authorization and competence for specific transactions, identity verification, completion of certain transactions, and exceeding specified transaction volume limits. Users should be aware that these waiting periods may apply when conducting transactions.
    16. By accepting and agreeing to this Agreement, Users acknowledge that they should never share any information related to their EgeMoney account with any third party. Users are responsible for conducting thorough research and risk analysis before engaging in any Cryptocurrency transaction. Users bear full responsibility for their actions in this regard. Therefore, EgeMoney holds no responsibility for transactions executed on the Platform.
    1. You may terminate this Agreement by deleting your Account. To request the deletion of your Account, please contact us via the Platform. To ensure that your rights are preserved during this process, your Account must not contain any Digital Assets, and you must not have any active orders. All Digital Assets must be withdrawn from your account before requesting its deletion. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the inability to delete your Account.
    2. In the event of the termination of this Agreement, if you have any unexecuted orders on the Platform, the provisions of this Agreement shall continue to apply until all associated risks are terminated, and all obligations arising from the Agreement are fully settled.
    3. EgeMoney reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at its sole discretion and without compensation under the following circumstances. In such cases, EgeMoney may delete your Account, suspend, terminate, or restrict your access to your Account without prior notice. Termination of this Agreement does not release you from your obligations under this Agreement. EgeMoney retains the right to seek compensation for any breaches of the Terms.
  1. To protect the security of the account as determined by EgeMoney;
  2. Suspected suspicious, unauthorized, or fraudulent activity, including, but not limited to, money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or other illegal activities, where EgeMoney reasonably believes that you have violated this Agreement or the account security requirements;
  3. Inability to verify or confirm the accuracy of the information provided by you;
  4. EgeMoney, at its sole discretion, reasonably believes that your actions may result in legal liability for you, the Platform, or other Platform Users;
  5. EgeMoney decides to cease its operations or discontinue any service or feature provided by the Platform or any part thereof;
  6. EgeMoney, at its sole discretion, identifies a material change that affects the account's continued operation;
  7. instructed to do so by any governmental authority or required by applicable law;
  8. In the event of a disruptive market event triggering a trading halt or
  9. EgeMoney determines, at its sole discretion, that the termination or suspension of the account, the Platform, or this Agreement is necessary.
    1. EgeMoney reserves the right to restrict Users whose accounts have been deleted, had access suspended, terminated, or restricted from opening new accounts.
    1. We provide the Services and the Platform on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis without making any representations or warranties of any kind, whether express, implied, or statutory. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and/or non-infringement. You understand and agree that we make no representation or warranty that access to any part of the Platform and/or Services or any material contained therein will be continuous, uninterrupted, timely, or error-free. You agree that you use the Services at your own risk. Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that you are not relying on any other representation or understanding, whether written or oral, regarding your use of and access to the Platform. Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that you are not relying on any other representation or understanding, whether written or oral, regarding your use of and access to the Platform.
    3. In the event of a breach of this Agreement while using the Platform, if the damage was caused by your or third parties' action, if you or third parties were at fault, including slight negligence, in causing or increasing the damage, if we warned you of the possibility of damage before the damage occurred, or if you have acted unlawfully or immorally while using the Platform, you accept, declare, and undertake that EgeMoney, EgeMoney's board members, shareholders, directors, managers, executives, employees, business partners, group companies, suppliers, representatives, and other persons who prepare the information on this site will not be liable for your damages in any way.
    4. EgeMoney makes no warranties of any kind to Users, whether express or implied, including warranties of merchantability, performance, marketability, or fitness for a particular purpose. EgeMoney shall not be liable for any loss of profits or consequential damages arising from the use of the Platform.
    1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the User agrees to indemnify EgeMoney or third parties for any losses, damages, costs, expenses, and claims incurred by EgeMoney or third parties directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of this Agreement, any law, or the rights of any third party, or as a result of any actions taken by the User on the Platform.
    2. he User accepts, declares, and undertakes that EgeMoney has the right to directly collect the Digital Asset corresponding to the relevant amount from the User's account in the event that the User fails to pay EgeMoney its receivables arising from this Agreement or any legal reason, including any amounts due to the User due to incorrect transactions carried out or as compensation in accordance with this article.
    1. EgeMoney shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations arising out of this Agreement due to events of force majeure, including but not limited to fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, migration, epidemic, or other natural disasters; embargo, government intervention, legal obstacles, riot, occupation, war, mobilization, strike, lockout, labour actions, or boycotts.; cyber-attacks, communication problems, infrastructure, and internet failures; interruptions in blockchain networks, bugs, hard forks, system improvements, or upgrades; failures resulting from power and internet outages; economic, social, or political unrest; official restrictions on Digital Assets. In such cases of force majeure, which are beyond EgeMoney's control and cannot be reasonably foreseen, EgeMoney shall not be liable for any partial or complete, temporary or permanent suspension of the operation of the Platform. The User shall not be entitled to claim any damages from EgeMoney as a result of the prevention or delay of such performance.
    1. This Agreement, including any dispute or controversy arising out of or in connection with the Agreement or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. The Izmir Courts and Enforcement Offices are exclusively authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise in the interpretation or application of this Agreement.
    1. The invalidity of any provision of this Agreement shall in no way affect the validity of any other provision. If any provision of this Agreement becomes unenforceable or invalid by reason of any law or regulation, the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected.
    2. EgeMoney reserves the right to unilaterally change and update all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement without prior notice. The updated Terms will be published on the Platform. The User is advised to check the Platform terms regularly to be aware of any updates or changes. Unless otherwise stated, the updated Agreement shall be effective from the date of publication of the relevant notice on the Platform. The User's continued use of the Platform from that date onwards shall constitute acceptance of the updated Agreement.
    3. In case of disputes in connection with this Agreement, EgeMoney's electronic and system records, commercial records, book records, computer records, and blockchain network records shall constitute binding, conclusive, and exclusive evidence.
    4. The User accepts, declares, and undertakes that he/she has read and understood all articles and sub-clauses and clauses of this Agreement consisting of fourteen (14) articles separately and that he/she approves the entire content and all provisions of the Agreement.